Seyed Nima Mozaffari

M.Sc. Graduated Student


Tel: +98 912 240 1796



Group: Device and Digital Group

Thesis Title: Design of digital circuits, resistant from process variation in nanotechnology



  • Born in  September 1984, ghaemshahr, Iran.
  • Single.

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  • 2007 to 2010: M.Sc. Student, Circuits and systems, Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    • Thesis Title: Design of Digital Circuits Resistant to Process Variation in Nanotechnology.
    • Advisor: Prof. Ali Afzali-Kusha,
    • GPA: 17.51/20


  • 2002 to 2007: B.Sc. Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Mazandaran, Babol, Mazandaran, Iran.
    • Thesis Title: Rotating Antena With Automatic Regulator
    • Advisor: Prof. Hossein Miar Naimi
    • GPA: 15/20


  • 2001-2002: Pre-University Certificate in Mathematics and Physics, shahid soltani Pre-University institute, Karaj, Iran.


  • 1998-2001: High School Diploma of Physics and Mathematics, shahid soltani High School (Administrated by National Organization for Development of Exceptional Students, NODET) Karaj, Iran.

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  • 2007, Ranked No. 150 the entrance exam of the M.Sc. degree (nation-wide).
  • 2002, Top 1% among more than 450000  in the university entrance exams in 2001 (nation-wide).

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1. Seyed Nima Mozaffari, and Ali Afzali-Kusha, "Statistical Model for Subthreshold Current Considering Process Variations", Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ASQED-2010), IEEE 2010, pp. 356–360.

2. Saman Kiamehr, Amir Reza Ahmadi Mehr, Seyed Nima Mozaffari, and Ali Afzali- Kusha, "A new Block-based SSTA method considering within-die variation", 2nd Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ASQED), IEEE 2010, pp. 260–263.

3. Seyed Nima Mozaffari, Hossein Aghababa, and Ali Afzali-Kusha, "Joint-PDF of Timing and Power of Nano-scaled CMOS Digital Gates due to Channel Length Variation", Accepted in IEEE International Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC 2010).

4. Hossein Aghababa, Seyed Nima Mozaffari, Ali Afzali-Kusha, and Behjat Forouzandeh, “Analytical Modeling of Parametric Yield Considering Variations in Leakage Power and Performance of Nano-Scaled Integrated Circuits”, Submitted to ISCAS 2012.

5. Hossein Aghababa, Seyed Nima Mozaffari, Ali Afzali-Kusha, and Behjat Forouzandeh, “Accurate Estimation of Joint Probability Density Function of Delay and Leakage for nano-CMOS Circuits”, Ready to be submitted to Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE C (Computers & Electronics)


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Research Interest

  • Low-Power, High-Performance, Digital Circuits and Systems Design.

  • Design and Optimization Techniques to reduce Variation in Nano-scale era.

  • Implementation of DSP and Communication Systems.

  • Yield modeling and optimization in scaled CMOS technologies.

  • Modeling and optimization of the circuits considering process variation.

  • Process variation aware design.

  • Analog/RF IC Design

  • Digital RF processor.

  • Communication Systems (e.g. OFDM and CDMA Transceiver).

  • Design and Implementation of Switching Power supply.

  • Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits and Systems.

  • Computer-Aided Design of VLSI Circuits and Systems.

  • Image Processing, Biomedical Image Segmentation.

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Graduate Courses

  • Low-Power Integrated Circuits (16/20)

  • Analog Integrated Circuits Design (16/20)

  • Nano Devices and Their Integration (18/20)

  • Advanced VLSI (16/20)

  • Quantom Computing (19.25/20)

  • Custom Implementation of DSP systems (17.1/20)

  • Theory and Technology of Silicon Devices(16/20)

  • Semiconductor Devices (18.5/20)

  • MSc Seminar (19.5/20)

  • MSc Thesis (18.5/20)

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Skills and Experiences

  • Circuit Simulators: HSpice, PSpice, Orcad.

  • Digital Circuit Simulators: Modelsim, Ledit, Sedit, Leonardo, Quartus, Design Compiler, R 2.8.0, SoC Encounter.

  • Mathematics Softwares: Matlab, Maple.

  • Programming: C/Visual C#.NET, Assembly, Verilog HDL, Basic.

  • Microcontrollers: 8051, 8086, AVR, FPGA, PLC.

  • Other: Protel DXP(PCB), Codevision, Simulink.

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Work Experiences

  • Summer 2007 – Summer 2008:  Tehran, Peymad Company.

    • Lecturer of “Electronics I”, “Pulse Technique”, “Logic Circuits”, and “Digital Logic”, Undergraduate Courses for Electrical Department of Rouzbahan University of Higher Education, Sep.2010 – present.

    • Lecturer of “Eng. Math”, Undergraduate Courses for Electrical Department of Salehan University, Sep.2011 – present.

    • Design of a Full-Option Digital Timer by wireless module for industrial consumption, 2011.

    • Working on industrial automation system design, 2007-2008.

    • Working on PLC, HMI, AVR, FPGA and data transfer fieldbus foundation.

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